The Power of Elderberry

Black Elder is one of the oldest healing plants known to mankind.
More and more scientific research exhibits its protective and curative effects. Phytochemicals, especially plentiful in Elderberries, may act as a scavenger of free radicals and therefore drastically reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The group of Flavonoids present in Black Elder protect the cell membranes for mutation caused by free radicals and decelerates the ageing process. Another main group within the Phytochemicals are Anthocyanins. Their hygienic efficacy  s not only proven in many studies but Anthocyanins are also mainly used as a natural red colour in all kinds of food.

The range of products which contain Elderberries and Elderberry–extracts is expanding. Elderberry becomes more and more interesting for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Functional Food application. Beerenfrost Kühlhaus GmbH is your competent partner in the heart of the biggest Elderberry growing area of the world.

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